PAP candidate Rachel Ong Sin Yen; Facebook

In a bid to garner Christian support for the ruling party dictatorship and possibly turn Singapore into a Christian state, the PAP government will be fielding a Christian evangelist in the upcoming General Election. TThe whistleblower who exposed the PAP candidate’s Christian affiliations has since been arrested, and facing police charges for “fabricating fake news”.

NUS students warned the public about the cult-like persona of PAP new face, Rachel Ong Sin Yen, in their Facebook page, NUSSU – Student United. The page has since been taken down and the owner of the page is now under police investigation after Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam ordered the arrest.

Rachel Ong Sin Yen founded the Christian evangelist organisation that goes on overseas “missions” to convert poor and needy people to Christians. The Christian organisation, which operates under the guise of a “training center”, is financially supported by government union NTUC affiliate, Devan Nair Institute.

Screenshot; ROHEI

As the Election Department is under dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s control, the elections in Singapore are rigged and PAP candidates easily get voted in under the corrupted system.

Singapore is a multi-culture society with a majority Chinese population in the Malay peninsular. The people live harmoniously together despite their religious and racial differences, but there are always a few religious extremists in the ruling party dictatorship trying to remove the secular status of the country.