Lee Hsien Loong quietly put best friend Lucien Wong as AG again

Dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has quietly put up his former personal lawyer Lucien Wong as the country’s Attorney-General again on Jan 6. This is not reported in the state media as the PAP government know this is embarrassing news. Using his puppet, President Halimah Yacob – Lee Hsien Loong’s former PAP MP subordinate […]

Minister Gan Kim Yong cover up Wuhan virus outbreak to score points

Despite having received confirmation that Singapore already had one confirmed case of the Wuhan virus, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong exploited the opportunity to score political points by withholding the information from being disseminated yesterday. Instead, Minister Gan Kim Yong told state media reporters that testing were ongoing and he had “preempt” ahead by taking […]

MOM report: Citizens earn lower salaries, have higher unemployment rate

According to the latest employment report by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore citizens earn lower salaries and have higher unemployment rate than foreigners who hold permanent residency. Based on calculations, 1.96 million employed citizens only have a median salary of S$4,333, while more than 69% of the 360,000 employed permanent residents (PRs) earn pass this […]

Li Shengwu: Singapore Court unable to win AGC

The exiled nephew of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Li Shengwu, has confirmed that he will not further defend himself in the contempt of court case against the corrupted dictatorship. The Attorney General Chambers (AGC), headed by the former private lawyer of Lee Hsien Loong, Lucien Wong, is found to be able to subvert authority […]

Maid put 16 month old baby’s hand in boiling stew

Singapore saw one of the worst case of child abuse on Jan 14, when a Burmese maid put a 16 month old baby’s hand into a pot of boiling stew. The young girl’s left hand suffered severe second-degree burns while the maid packed her bags as she wanted to go back home to Myanmar. The […]

Singaporeans’ most hated MP Tin Pei Ling lodge police report

Singaporeans’ most hated PAP MP Tin Pei Ling has lodged a police report when she was trolled by online pranksters. PAP MP Tin Pei Ling played the sexist card and claimed that all women has been insulted by the photo: “It’s unpleasant, it’s offensive – I still find that it’s clearly a lack of respect […]

Manifesto for 2020 General Election

Singaporeans can expect a new Singapore administration who will commit to serve their interests this election. All opposition parties shall commit to the following manifesto upon the defeat of the PAP dictatorship government this General Election: 1) GST No GST increase. Progressively reduce GST rate down to 3% by 2023. 2) CPF Return CPF funds […]

Minister Chan Chun Sing: We are not borrowing or taxing “heavily”

Speaking at a government university forum, Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing claimed that the PAP government is not taxing the people heavily: “Few societies can leave behind something for the next generation or finance infrastructure without borrowing or taxing heavily.” The millionaire minister’s blatant lie came after a series of tax raises this year, including […]

Minister Heng Swee Keat: Singapore must ban “divisive forces”

Vowing to crack down on government criticisms, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that he will ban “divisive forces”: “Singapore needs to act decisively to prevent divisive forces from taking root here. If we do not act decisively, and if we allow these forces to creep up on us, our hopes and concerns can […]

United Nations: Permanent residents are foreigners, not locals

The United Nations in their population report for Singapore has clarified that permanent residents are foreigners and not locals, in contrast to the fake news fabricated by Minister Chan Chun Sing and Minister Chee Hong Tat. Most migrant foreigners in Singapore are from Malaysia, taking up 44% of the foreigner population in 2019. 18% is […]

TOC writers shamed in Singapore Court

“Frivolous and vexatious” Defence lawyer M Ravi and accused TOC editor Terry Xu and TOC writer Daniel De Costa were made like fools and shamed by the public prosecutor in court for appealing to the High Court. District judge Christopher Tan swiftly agreed with the government prosecutor and denied them the right to appeal: “Mr […]

Minister Heng Swee Keat: Unite behind the PAP as the way forward

Despite facing increasing resentment from the people, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat called for Singaporeans to unite behind the ruling party dictatorship and support the government: “I invite all Singaporeans to work with us, and with each other to tackle the challenges facing the nation. My 4G colleagues and I are committed to go […]