Worse than keyboard warriors, the lowlife propagandists at state media Straits Times who themselves can barely run a half-marathon are now “ranking” national athletes, giving them grading from A to F.

A Singaporean expressed her disgust on Facebook after reading the government propaganda papers:

“So Straits Times has come to this – a grading system from A to F for SG athletes who competed this SEA Games 2019.

I mean… Is this how we repay our athletes who dedicate their blood sweat and tears to the sport they love? Based on *one* grading system across all sports? A for excellent effort (aka you got a gold medal and hence you did our nation proud), F for poor performance (aka no medal and as such being a let down to the country). Let’s just also omit the fact some of these athletes have had to train for a competition of this level with little to no support from organisations, or that they’ve had to take time off work and dig into their savings to fund their own trainings to prove their worth.

This might not matter to some of you. Some of you might say – ya this is the system, we’ve been like that so long why bother to fight for it? But someone has to. And someone out of the sports circle has to – because these struggling athletes don’t get heard as much as they should.

So to whoever thought of this idea – If this is how you want to deter our future potential rising athletes from pursuing what they love because all they will get is a report card, then you’re doing one bloody good job guys. Congrats.”

Singapore’s state media is ranked 151st in the world for credibility, and it often publish or reproduce fake news from the Lee Hsien Loong dictatorship.