A prostitute from China was let off with only a fine of S$12,000 by the Singapore court yesterday (Dec 23) for providing massage services unlicensed.

On 25 April 2018, 41-year-old new Singaporean citizen Yu Shi Qi stopped her massage service minutes after her customer refused her sex services in her shop at Far East Plaza. When the police arrived, the ex-China national claimed she was molested.

The Singapore Court let the new citizen off from making false police statements and illegal prostitution. Yu Shi Qi was only charged for providing unlicensed massage.

Singapore’s law enforcement corrupted further, with the court hearing that the Singapore Police had also in Sep 24 this year caught Yu Shi Qi’s employee similarly providing unlicensed massage services. The ex-China prostitute own two massage shops at Far East Plaza.

There is no comment from the Singapore Police why they took more than a year to charge the woman.

Singapore state media TodayOnline did not publish the photo of the new citizen Yu Shi Qi. The Singapore government is minimising news coverage of new citizens and foreigners, because the native Singaporean population are angry at the foreign influx.