Dear Singaporeans,

The time has come, this is the election year of 2020.

Under the corrupted ruling party dictatorship, countless Singaporeans have seen widespread sufferings. The lucky ones see their quality of life dropping, and having to work harder for less. The unfortunate ones struggle to even feed themselves and their family. In this reality created by the PAP, everyone is trapped.

Singaporeans are losing faith in this sick society where rich is might and it become shameful to be poor. Singapore is toxic, it is probably the only place on Earth where suicide actually becomes an acceptable solution to less sufferings. Some betrayed their humanity, subscribing to the fake meritocracy fabricated by the PAP calling it “survival of the fittest”.

While everyone have become less human each day under the PAP, all these corrupted beliefs must be rejected. “Survival of the fittest” is a rule for animals, but we are humans. No human life is worthless or cheap because they are perceived as having no value. No one is stupid because they failed their examinations. No one is untouchable and immune to punishments just because they are born in the “right family” or having the “right links”.

Corrupted dictator Lee Hsien Loong is gambling with Singapore lives. He has no concern for Singaporeans’ well-being. This is evident from his grip on the CPF retirement fund and the pitiful retirement payouts – the sole lifeline of the weak and poor elderly. You know what I mean if you have averted your eyes from seeing old people your parents’ age wiping toilet bowls and cleaning up after your meals in coffeeshops. There is this silent discomfort but you can tell from the hollow gaze of daily commuters who just finished working 12 hours.

On the other side of Singapore: the fake Singapore Lee Hsien Loong presented, billions were spent on artificial gardens, the world’s biggest waterfall, casinos featuring the world’s highest swimming pool and the 5th airport. “Singapore is so rich”, everyone says. But nobody ever ask where does the money come from. Only us Singaporeans know where the money come from.

CPF withdrawal at 70 years old, 9% GST, more new taxes and more “personal sacrifices for the country” the world’s richest politician is asking you for.

If you have stayed silent all your life bearing these insults, this year is the time you hit back and slap your oppressors. Your resentments and shame are still screaming inside no matter how hard you hide them. 2020 is the year to let it all out.

2020 will be the year Singaporeans rebel against Lee Hsien Loong, and it is not the fight we sought, but the better Singapore after this corrupted era.

Alex Tan
States Times Review