Ahead of elections, Trade minister Chan Chun Sing plucked a figure from thin air and promised 32,000 jobs for Singaporeans in the “next 3 to 5 years”:

“The majority of 32,814 jobs coming on-stream in the next three to five years will go to Singaporeans.”

The PAP millionaire minister also made an empty promise claiming that more Singaporeans will be hired despite having the employment market favouring foreigners at the moment:

“You will see that many of our graduates go into these jobs. This means that progressively, our people are taking over these higher-paying and better jobs, even though today the local ratio may be lower than three-to-one.”

A fact check revealed that Minister Chan Chun Sing’s ratio is inaccurate, as it excludes construction workers and maids. The ratio for Singaporeans to foreigners is closer to one-to-one instead.

There are currently around 1.8 million Singaporeans in the workforce of 1.8 million foreigners (400,000 permanent residents plus 1.4 million on working visas).

The Singapore authorities fudge employment figures by including permanent residents as “locals”, and excluding construction workers and maids from employment statistics.

The unemployment rate for Singaporeans is now at a decade-high of 3.3%.