Some Singaporeans who were stuck in Wuhan have finally being evacuated after pressure from independent news site States Times Review.

Minister Lawrence Wong confirmed that 92 Singaporeans had arrived in Singapore from Wuhan via budget airline Scoot. The remaining unknown number of Singaporeans who have been infected are however abandoned in China:

“Some Singaporeans are unable to come back because they are already symptomatic. It is not safe for them to be on the same plane as the 92 Singaporeans. The ones who are remaining. Our embassy is in touch with all of them, to ensure their welfare, to ensure that they’re okay. Some are symptomatic and they may well have to stay quarantined in China itself, but we are in touch with all of them. I don’t have the numbers off hand but there are not that many – vast majority are already back.”

Unlike Singapore, all other countries have brought back their citizens, even the ones infected, to seek local treatment.

The 92 Singaporeans stuck in Wuhan since last Thursday was evacuated only today after States Times Review slammed the PAP government for abandoning citizens in the China city where food supply and medical facilities are inadequate.

Numerous PAP Ministers have started jumping on the opportunity to milk political points on the evacuation. Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan poured praises for the government:

“WELCOME HOME! SCOOT TR121 from Wuhan which touched down this morning at Changi is special. It carried the 92 Singaporeans who were stuck in Wuhan when PRC decided to lock down the city. You can imagine their anxiety and fear! Their ordeal is over, though we have to put them under quarantine for 14 days.”

PAP Minister Ng Chee Meng sang along:

“I went to send off our flight crew that volunteered to bring Singaporeans back from Wuhan. It warmed my heart to know that when Scoot management asked for volunteers to staff a flight to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, there were more volunteers than was needed. I was so pleased to meet Captain Ian and Captain Derek, and their crew before they departed for a round trip from Singapore to Wuhan.”