Singapore’s face mask shortage was wiped out by reckless buying from foreigners, but the chief culprit turned out to be the Singapore PAP government who bought over 11 million pieces of face masks. About half is meant for household distribution, while the other half was distributed to retailers.

The country sold out all the face masks as early as on Sunday, Jan 26, as retailers were unable to get any new supply overseas. Despite having 5.5 million stock replenished to retailers, the masks were again fully sold out in hours.

For the 5.5 million to be distributed to households, the corrupted PAP dictatorship tried to gain public support by announcing they will give out 4 disposable daily face masks to each of the 1.3 million households. The masks can only like a person for four days or one day for a family of four.

Minister Lawrence Wong announced that Singaporeans will have to approach the ruling party PAP community centres (CC) and residents’ committee (RC) centres to get the 4 free masks from PAP grassroots members.

The PAP millionaire minister also gave a poor advice telling Singaporeans not to wear a mask in public, and only use them when they are sick:

“Do not open up the packet and start using them right away. Use it only if you’re unwell and have to go out to see the doctor.”

The Singapore government screwed up the face mask supply by not controlling retail sales and face masks export. Other countries like Taiwan have already placed a ban on face mask exports.