The Singapore government today ordered that all internet platforms, like search engines, that were perviously exempted from POFMA will now be required to follow censorship orders of the dictatorship.

The PAP government used the Wuhan virus outbreak as an excuse to execute its POFMA powers, claiming that censorship is “critical”:

“This move is critical given the evolving situation with the Wuhan coronavirus.”

However, none of the technology giants like Google, Twitter or Facebook, responded to the announcement. Facebook has earlier ignored a POFMA order issued by the Singapore government on a fake news posted by two anonymous Facebook users on the Wuhan virus.

Under the POFMA regulation, companies who do not comply face a million dollar fine and a further S$100,000 daily fine for each day of non-compliance. Individuals can be jailed up to 3 years. The Singapore government will be the sole truth setter, and the millionaire PAP ministers get to determine what is true or fake.

Anyone who is wrongly accused of fabricating fake news will have to face off the government in the corrupted Singapore court, who never fails to rule in the dictatorship government’s favour.

Google and Facebook are held hostage to the Singapore dictatorship’s demands as they have invested over a billion dollars building data centres in Singapore.