When the 5 million one-day-use face masks distributed to retailers were sold out in less than 3 hours, Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing pushed the blame to Singaporeans claiming that they are buying too many face masks:

“Some in the local community that have taken to hoarding the supplies of masks. Such behaviour – they are not appropriate, they are selfish and they are not helpful to our collective defence.”

The former army general PAP minister was unable to prove his claims as all shops limit each customer to only one box.

Minister Chan Chun Sing also threatened that the private sector is not supposed to inflate prices and profit from the increased demand in the open market:

“Retailers profiteering from the situation will be taken to task…It is wrong for the resellers to try to take advantage of this situation to profiteer. We will not allow this to happen. We do not stand for such behaviour in Singapore, and we also urge Singaporeans not to support or give in to such profiteers because we do have our means to provide the necessary supplies.”

There are now 13 confirmed cases of the virus in Singapore today, and there is no update on the infected Singaporeans abandoned in Wuhan.