Defying public health advice to avoid crowd, the People’s Association (PA) announced that the Chingay parade will proceed because “there is no evidence” the virus can spread in crowded places.

Chief Executive of the ruling party PAP’s grassroots organisation, Desmond Tan, told the state media the government parade will carry on:

“Chingay will carry on because there is still no evidence of community transmission of the new coronavirus… So far, no changes to the Chingay Parade’s roster or procession layout have been made in response to the outbreak.”

The PA also said the China nationals participating in the event are “safe”:

“Six out of the parade’s 500 overseas performers are from Xi’An, China, and they have been screened and cleared by a doctor. They have also been undergoing daily temperature checks.”

More than 6,000 performers and 2,000 volunteers – mostly foreigners and ruling party PAP supporters – will be participating in the event. An estimated 16,000 participants are expected at the F1 Pit Building near Marina Bay.

Including dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, PAP ministers and MPs are expected to join the PAP event.