There is no face mask shortage, you just can’t buy them anywhere in Singapore, according to former army general Minister Chan Chun Sing.

Issuing a POFMA order on independent news site States Times Review, PAP minister Chan Chun Sing claimed that there is no face mask shortage in Singapore.

This is however untrue. All retailers has ran out of stock since last Sunday (Jan 26), except for a few hours yesterday when the government released 5 million pieces of stockpile to the retailers.

States Times Review editor Alex Tan has also rejected to comply with the POFMA order on the basis that there is no need for a citizen to comply with censorship orders from a foreign government like North Korea and Singapore.

When asked about the shortage, ruling party PAP ministers blamed Singaporeans for “hoarding” and “buying too much” face masks.

Singapore ran out of face masks as early as 3 days after its first confirmed case last Thursday (Jan 23). Part of the shortage was fuelled by foreigners – mainly China nationals – who bought in boxes and exported them out to their home country, while the Singapore government itself hoarded more than 11 million face masks for political use.

The PAP dictatorship later announced that they have reserved 5 million stock for Singapore households, in a bid to shore up domestic support after their blunders over the handling of the Wuhan virus outbreak.

There are now 13 confirmed cases in Singapore, and an undisclosed number of infected Singaporeans abandoned in Wuhan China.