Following pressure from States Times Review, the Singapore ministers finally imposed a full ban on all travellers from China. China nationals may be permitted to enter only on a case-by-case basis.

Unfortunately the ban came in 2 weeks late, as the first 13 infected China nationals have already entered Singapore.

Minister Lawrence Wong however remained in denial mode, claiming that the virus is not widespread:

“There is no community spread of Wuhan virus within Singapore…On top of all that we’ve already introduced over the past few days, (this) will enable us to limit the number of new imported cases here and to reduce risk of community spread in Singapore.”

An unnamed 47 year-old Singaporean woman who was part of the 92 evacuated from Wuhan was also found to be infected. The victim did not show any symptoms on her flight back to Singapore, but she was found to have a high fever upon medical screening at Changi Airport.

An undisclosed number of infected Singaporeans have also been left abandoned in Wuhan by the Singapore government.

There are now 16 confirmed infections as of yesterday.