Speaking at a Chinese New Year celebration dinner at his Ang Mo Kio’s Teck Ghee constituency, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong fabricated fake news claiming that Singaporean tourists of Chinese heritage were rejected from entering an unnamed tourist attraction because of racism:

“A tour group from Singapore, comprising Singaporean Chinese, had been turned away from a tourist attraction in Australia because of anti-Chinese sentiment. That is foolish and illogical.”

This news however is not reported in any media. The Prime Minister was unable to provide details of the incident.

Given an emperor’s treatment at the PAP-held dinner, the world’s highest paid politician also claimed that there is a rise in anti-China sentiment worldwide because of the Wuhan virus:

“The recent bubbling of anti-China or anti-Chinese sentiment in many countries, and called it unhelpful to the cause of fighting the outbreak.”

This is untrue and unheard of.

Lee Hsien Loong then told the state media that the social media is spreading rumours about the virus outbreak, and called for Singaporeans to rely on his government for the “truth”:

“We didn’t have social media during the Sars outbreak. Singaporeans need to verify hearsay before they pass them on. Rumours can easily amplify anxieties, making it more difficult for people to get the correct information. The Government will release information as soon as it can on the Health Ministry’s website and to the media.”

Lee Hsien Loong also repeated his own advice asking people not to wear a mask in public, which this time, he claimed is a doctor’s advice:

“But if you are healthy, with no signs of falling sick, wearing a mask is unnecessary, according to doctors.”