A tourist from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been sentenced to 14 months of jail for stealing from 10 retail cashiers in different parts of Singapore. The 44 year old man, Zhou Wei, would first make a purchase using notes like S$1,000 then kick up a fuss and demanded the cashier to give him “new” notes. He would count the stack of notes in the presence¬†of the victim and steal some notes from within the stack like a magician.

Photo by The Straits Times
Photo by The Straits Times

Zhou Wei netted a total of S$3,344.50, stealing from S$30 to S$1,050 each time from shops at Orchard Road, Bugis, Upper Cross Street and Changi Airport.

In a court hearing¬†yesterday (Jun 4) the China national pleaded for a lighter sentence saying he was very sorry and claiming he lost all his money at the casino and he needed money for his wife’s medical fees and son’s school fees. The prosecution asked for six to eight months for each of the 10 charges, but the judge gave him only 14 months of jail term.



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